Saturday, November 28, 2015

IT-related unhealthy myths or bad habits

I wanted to make a list of the unhealthy myths and bad habits that I have been guilty of in the past. If you are an IT professional and believe in any of these, I urge you to reconsider. I think this applies to any knowledge worker (person who primarily works behind a desk in front of a computer).

Please note i'm writing all of the below statements as I used to think them or heard them from someone else (these have OH for "overheard"). You are free to call me a dimwit on twitter. I now know all of them to be wrong, but I won't dive deep on explaining them (might be useful for future blog posts though). If you want to contribute any more let me know and I can put your name if you want to. I'll keep updating this post through time as I hear more.

Your energy
  1. IT work is stressful so I burn calories from my intense work - I need to replenish them!
  2. I need to keep my sugar level high for my brain to function and to keep focused.
  3. I need energy, so let's make that coffee or tea extra sweet. Caffeine + sugar FTW!
  4. I can't work until I eat/drink X.
  5. I have an energy drink every morning to start my day (OH).
  1. I grabbed some mini chocolate candy bars to keep at my desk.
  2. It's just a small pack of cookies for when I get a craving.
  3. Granola bars are healthy right?
  4. A little ice cream never killed anybody.
  5. Let me go grab a soda.
  6. I bought a box of donuts for the office.
Choice of food
  1. You need to have a good, "stick to your ribs" meal so we can get to work.
  2. It's just a small personal pizza and some bread sticks.
  3. I ordered fish and chips because fish is healthy.
  4. Let's just grab a combo and head back to the office. Large please.
  5. Well I wasn't in the mood for X but the guys were ordering and I said why not.
  6. If I eat there 6 times I get a free one.
  7. It's double points if I order a large one.
  8. I just need something quick so I can get back to work so let's grab whatever's fastest.
  9. I will never eat raw fish (OH)
  10. I'm not a cow to be eating grass (avoids salads, OH).
  11. When you are a big boy like I am you need a big meal.
  1. Late night change deserves a late night meal (double dinner).
  2. I'm working overnight shifts now, so I needed to change all my meal times.
  3. No sleeping makes me hungry. I was literally dying of hunger.
Diet foods
  1. I switched from normal soda to diet soda. About same test, but much healthier!
  2. I'd rather save my calories for "good' meals so I do diet soda, diet sweetener...
  3. It's OK cause it's sugar-free candy/chocolate/ice cream/etc.
Can't make time for 
  1. The gym. Who has that much free time? I'm busy.
  2. I can't cook. Plus it seems like it takes a lot of work and time.
  3. I can only cook 3 things. I wish I could take cooking classes but i'm busy.
  4. The guys got together to play sports, I told them I would wait for them at the bar.
  5. I only play games where I don't need to sweat.
Alcohol and smoking
  1. I need a drink to cope with this stress.
  2. If I don't have at least a couple drinks I can't really rest well (OH).
  3. I need a smoke, can't think straight (OH).
  4. You've got to have a smoke after a meal.
  5. I'm tired. I'll just have beers until I doze off in front of the TV.
  1. It's OK, I found these great supplements that take care of everything. (OH)
  2. So I take this B vitamin which is better than coffee. It has like 1000% of the daily requirement. (OH)
  3. These supplements are like eating all the fruits and vegetables you need daily. (OH)
  4. I heard these supplements make you lose weight.
  1. (When food arrives and it's too much) Dig in! Don't let it go to waste!
  2. You have to get the X here. It's huge and so bad for you but oh so yummy.
  3. I can definitely eat a whole X. Wanna bet?
  4. What do you mean you're only having one beer/drink?
  5. (When bringing food for several people) I don't think anybody wants unsweetened tea/diet soda.
  6. You say you are full, but trust me, you really have to have that dessert.
  7. Are you saying you can't eat that yummy thing? I'll have it if you don't mind.
  8. It was such a tiring/stressful day at work. Let's go out and eat a lot!
  9. I'm bored. Let's go eat something.

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